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At History Forward, we are dedicated to providing engaging and educational content about the Civil War. Both the histories of land and sea forces will be explored and discussed. Our passion for history drives us to bring the past to life and inspire a deeper understanding of our nation's heritage.


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i intend to my original writing and analysis about the war and its causes.

  Ship's Co'y            Recruiter 

Step into the past with the Ship's Co'y. A naval living history organization that not only engages in living history events but spend time aboard the US Sloop O' War Constellation, the only Civil War ship still afloat! Members portray USN Sailors and US Marines during the Civil War and interact/educate the public about life abord ship.. This is done while immersed in the daily life of Civil War Sailors and Marines, including manning the guns, learning to use naval weapons such as the cutlass and revolver.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a specific aspect of the Civil War that History Forward focuses on?

As a trained Military Historian the first aspect is of course the experience of the armed forces during the war, including the battles, campaigns, tactics and strategies used. However, I like to include elements of social history as well. Everything from the experience of the common soldier to how the war impacted civilians,

What's it like to interpret history aboard the Constellation?

Conducting living history aboard Constellation is the most rewarding and interesting aspect of history I am engaged in! It is the only ship afloat that served in the Civil War and is the only place that life aboard ship during the conflict can be experienced its original environment.


Please contact me below as I am happy to answer questions about the Civil War or about the Ship's Co'y especially as it pertains to signing up! Recruiting information can be found at the links above including the recruit packet and  email for joining Ship's Co'y.

Constellation Location:

History Forward is located in Baltimore, MD. As is USS Constellation, a part of the Historic Ships of Baltimore, location shown above.
Baltimore, Maryland, United States


History Forward represents the interests of a passionate historian who has chosen to specialize in the American Civil War. An author/historian and living history enthusiast dedicated to making history accessible and engaging for all. I am committed to creating a space that brings the past to life, offering a unique perspective on the events and individuals who participated in the conflict, particularly those in uniform on land or at sea. However, civilians and their experiences will also be discussed as their involvement is equally important. Whether through papers presentations, or living history events, History Forward aims to inspire a love for history and a deeper understanding of the importance and impact of the Civil War..